The start at Poperinge

Beeld22_witbeeldAfter military service, back home, he earns a living as a house painter – decorator and he designs dolls for the Unica factory, but this does not at all keep him from his artistic work. In 1953 the Province of West Flanders awards him the 2nd prize Sculpture, which marks the start of his fame as an artist : articles on his work appear in magazines, he’s invited to expositions in Ypres and Bruges, and he is a guest at the 14th art weekend organised by Countess Hélène d’Hespel at her Château at Beernem, in the presence of the cultural elite of those days (Emiel Van Hemeldonck, presenter Paula Semer, architect Peter Callebout e.a.). Private commissions follow : bas-reliëfs, sculptures, restoration work.