Domestic happiness

Beeld18_duinenMeanwhile, Lucien has met his future wife, Suzanne Druant (1930-2012), and the couple marries on November the 27 th 1954. At first they rented house with workshop in the loft, Casselstraat Poperinge, finally they move into their new-built house at Westouterstraat 80. The marriage remains childless. Their numerous friends are always welcome and many evenings are spent talking into the small hours of night. Having no car of their own, they join their acquaintances on excursions, mostly with an artistic destination. Outside the atelier, they spend their time on peaceful domestic chores : taking care of the rabbits, the bee hives,the vegetable garden, the pond, plants and trees. There is home-made wine, honey and pastry and the never decreasing number of cats becomes legendary. Beeld3_tuin2