Training years

Beeld_Tijtgat Beeld_jespers From 1944 to 1951 Lucien De Gheus studies at the School of Arts St.-Lucas at Schaarbeek (Brussels), added up by evening classes sculpture. His teachers are a.o. Jos De Maegd (Painter Grand Prix Rome ’48) and Harry Elstrøm (sculptor, painter and maker of medals). Thanks to his talents, in 1950 he’s admitted to the ‘Atelier Libre de Dessin de Woluwé –Saint-Lambert’, founded in 1940. There artists could work with live models, which was still a taboo at the Catholic Saint-Lucas art schools. There he meets Oscar Jespers and Edgard Tytgat and the contact with Maurits Verbist is the start of a lifelong friendship between the artists. Beeld19_Verbist_Tytgat