Man of all talents

Consciously or not, De Gheus is also an adept to the romantic notion that an artist should combine all disciplines of craftmanship. He designs stained glass windows, makes medals, does restaurations, and easily integrates his artistic creations in architecture, in his own house as well as in that of clients.

He can make a living of his art, but this means a restriction of his freedom and submission to the client’s wish. Frequently he utters his frustration always having to fight the narrow-mindedness of the regional commissioners. He clearly distinguishes between this ‘servant work’ and what he calls ‘real art’.

However, from the seventies onwards he himself chooses a reclusive life, away from the artistic carrousel of which he, now without his supporters of the first years. no longer wishes to be part.

By testament he entrusted De Private Stichting Lucien de Gheus – Druant with the task of making his real artistic value known to the public.